The Association aims to actively promote the prevention and control of marine pollution and seek the sustainable development of the marine environment. Its members include transnational connotations including domestic, government, and academic personnel. We sincerely welcome you to join the Association and participate in and support the promotion of marine pollution prevention and control.

Membership qualifications are as follows:

individual member: Anyone who agrees with the purpose of the Association and is over 20 years old.
Group members: Any public or private institution (organization) or group that agrees with the purpose of the Association.
Sponsoring members: Groups or individuals who sponsor the work of the Association.
Student members: Individuals with student status.
Permanent members: Those who pay ten years of dues at once are permanent members.

※ The application form should be filled in with the application, approved by the council, and paid dues.
※ Group members should appoint a representative to exercise their rights. Please fill in the membership application form and mail to the club.

Membership fee

Individual member Group member Student member Permanent members
join member fee No need to pay 5000TWD No need to pay Pay ten years of membership fees at once
Annual membership fee 500TWD 10,000TWD 200TWD No need to pay

Members of the Association

Member Application

Instructions for joining

Please download and fill in the application form and email to the association mailbox taompc@gmail.com, we will handle it for you as soon as possible.